Apps for Downloading Music on iPhone
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Apps for Downloading Music on iPhone


  • BOOM
  • Zvooq
  • Musicloud
  • Evermusic
  • Yandex.Music
  • Music with me
  • Meloman
  • Aloha Browser

It’s hard to imagine everyday life without music for most iPhone users. If you want to have only your favorite tracks on your device, download them using special applications for downloading music.


Perhaps one of the most extensive music libraries is located in such a popular social service as VKontakte. Your social networking service Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki are great for listening to and downloading music from Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

The app has a lot of interesting features that might interest users: a convenient and functional player, Last.FM scrubber, music selections based on your preferences, exclusive albums that are not available on other music services, ability to download individual tracks or whole albums to listen to iPhone without connecting to the network, and much more. If you don’t mind ads that pop up from time to time and the lack of ability to download tracks without limits, you will be quite comfortable using the free version, but to disable all restrictions you’ll need to purchase a subscription.


The next app for listening and downloading music on iPhone, which is just like BOOM, works on a subscription basis. Service is interesting in that it picks up music playlists for your activity or mood, an exclusive section is available “Listen to TNT”, there is a radio for automatic selection of music that suits you, and for subscribers of mobile operator Tele2 provides special conditions, such as completely free traffic.

The application is quite possible to use for free, but by subscribing, you will remove restrictions on the level of quality, number of downloads for offline listening, switching between songs and completely remove advertising.


An interesting application designed to download music for free from various sources: from your computer or from popular cloud services. Everything is very simple: if the download will be done from the cloud, you log in and then mark folders with music or individual tracks to be downloaded.

Subsequently, the music is automatically sorted into two sections: “Songs” and “Albums”. In addition, there is an option to create playlists, so you can create your own music selections to suit your mood. The free version of the application didn’t have any restrictions noted other than the presence of ads – but they can easily be turned off for a small one-time fee.


Essentially, Evermusic is a file manager capable of working specifically with music files. Unlike Musicloud, the list of supported cloud services here is much higher, but there are also more restrictions in the free version.

Evermusic is notable for its ability to download individual tracks or entire folders from various cloud services, its fast music file transfer between your PC and iPhone connected to the same Wi-Fi network, synchronization with your iPhone music library, password management (Touch ID feature), functional player with tracks in queue, sleep timer and much more.


Among the many services from Yandex, Yandex.Music stands out – a convenient cross-platform application (or online service for the computer) with the ability to search, listen to and download tracks. Yandex.Music, like other similar services, is conditionally free: if you want it can be used without investing money, but to improve the quality of the tracks, the ability to download for offline listening and disable advertising required to connect a paid subscription.

Among the features of the application there are constantly updated recommendations, quality selections for every taste, a simple but stylish music player, the ability to create your own playlists, download individual tracks or entire albums to listen without connecting to the network and much more.

Music with me

The following app that allows you to download music to your iPhone from various sources: cloud services, from your computer or through attached files in emails. Music with me allows you to download an unlimited amount of music, create playlists, and play in random order.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to assess the capabilities of the music player, as the application shows an error when trying to establish a connection with the cloud service. Of the obvious disadvantages are very intrusive advertising, which can not be disabled for money (free shutdown for a few minutes after watching a video), as well as the lack of support for the Russian language.


Perhaps the most convenient way to search, download and listen to music for free without an Internet connection is the popular application Meloman. With its help, you can search and download videos from YouTube to listen to them later as music files.

Among the key features of the app are watching YouTube videos, downloading them to your iPhone, playing them even with the screen off, sleep timer, mixing tracks, creating playlists, setting up a six-band equalizer, and creating a play queue. The application is completely free, not equipped with internal purchases, but this is rather even a minus: there are a lot of ads, and there is no way to disable them.

Aloha Browser

Do you want to download music from any site? You can use the Aloha Browser to download videos and music from all the available online music sites.

It’s extremely simple: you open a site with music, put the song on play, and then select the download icon in the upper right corner to start downloading to your iPhone. The app is completely free, has no in-app purchases and allows you to download an unlimited number of music files.

Each of the apps in this review allows you to download music to your iPhone, but they all do it differently. We hope that we have helped you to choose the right application to expand your music collection on your iPhone.