Apps for Storing Discount Cards on iPhone
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Apps for Storing Discount Cards on iPhone


  • Applications for storing discount cards
  • “Wallet”
  • Stocard
  • CardParking
  • PINbonus
  • Mobile-pocket
  • Apple Wallet

Discount cards are now an indispensable thing for saving money, as well as for getting nice bonuses from shopping. To make life easier for the holders of such cards, stores create special mobile applications to store numbers and photos of discount cards. The customer only needs to bring their phone to the scanner, and the barcode is counted in a second.

Applications for storing discount cards

Such applications are very popular with regular customers of the store, because with its help you can get bonuses without carrying a physical card, but simply show it on your phone to the salesperson. Let’s take a closer look at what options the App Store offers us for storing our discount cards.


The application with a large number of partner stores. When you first log in, it requires registration by phone number for further storage of the user’s cards. All you have to do is enter your contact information, take a picture of the card from the front and back. Now, when going to the store the owner shows the barcode or card number, and the seller is not entitled to not accept the digital form of the discount card.

“Wallet” offers a variety of features for the convenience of its users: a message center with the store, alerts on available sales and promotions, check the balance and recent card transactions. Right in the app, you can also explore the offer store, where various companies offer to get discount cards for free and start getting bonuses on them.


This discount card store assistant is similar to the previous option, but with increased convenience. On the start screen, the owner can select and add a card as a partner store, or go to the “Other Card” section and enter its data there.

The main advantage of this application is the possibility to activate the virtual assistant Stocard, which will show your card and its data (barcode) on the lock screen every time when the owner is near the needed store. Stocard also offers its own list of promotions and bonuses, which can be viewed directly in the app. A special feature is included for Apple Watch owners to work on that device.


Collaborates with many different companies, from small cafes to large chains like Lenta or Sportmaster. In addition, the user can add his own cards as well as get new ones right in the app. CardParking has a nice design and clear interface, so working with it will not bring unnecessary inconvenience, especially when shopping.

List of available discount cards in CardParking iPhone application

All you need to do to add is to register and enter the number of the discount card. It is worth noting that registering by phone number takes a long time, so we advise you to use e-mail or social network profiles. The main difference from competitors can be considered exclusive offers and promotions to get free discount cards with an increased size of the discount.


A minimalistic app that offers all the most necessary features for managing your discount cards. When added, a barcode is indicated, or a photo is taken of the front and back. The main feature is a card QIWI Bonus, which is a substitute for discount and bonus cards with a magnetic stripe. Instructions for obtaining it are described in detail in the application itself.

With minimal tools for storing cards, PINbonus offers convenient sorting by date added and frequency of use, as well as editing them.


Provides its users with card storage for many stores, including major stores. After creating an account, all data on them will be saved in the cloud, so if the phone is lost or the OC is reinstalled, the user won’t face anything.

The program has an additional protection system in the form of a secret code or Touch ID. Activating this protection ensures that the user is always protected if someone accesses the app without authorization. Mobile-pocket also offers the addition of discount cards not only in Russia, but also in other countries.

Apple Wallet

A standard application in the iPhone, which is initially installed on the phone. You can easily find it by searching or asking Siri by saying “Wallet”. This app allows you to not only add discount cards, but also bank cards for airline tickets, theater tickets, movie tickets, etc.

However, it’s worth noting that the options for adding to Apple Wallet are extremely limited. This is due to the fact that this service does not have so many partners in Russia yet. Therefore, if the barcode for some reason is not readable, then try to use other programs for storing discount cards.

Each of the presented applications provides its own set of features and tools to make working with cards more convenient and efficient. Of course, the iPhone has a standard version of Wallet, but it has limited functions when adding exactly the discount cards, so it is recommended to download alternatives from third-party developers and use them.