Downloading Games on iPhone Without Connection to WI-FI Network
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Downloading Games on iPhone Without Connection to WI-FI Network


  • Installing games on the iPhone via mobile Internet
  • Method 1: Standard (only iOS 13 and above)
  • Method 2: Bypass restrictions
  • Method 3: Alternative
  • Conclusion

iOS has a lot of disadvantages, but one of those that has caused user dissatisfaction for many years, is the inability to install from the App Store applications and games exceeding a certain size (first it was limited to 150 MB, and then “increased” to 200 MB), if it uses a cellular rather than Wi-Fi. Within this article we will tell you how to bypass this limitation.

Installing games on the iPhone via mobile Internet

Many users who have already updated to iOS 13, probably know that in this version appeared the ability to manually deactivate the restriction on the installation of applications and games over the cellular network. We will tell you how to take advantage of this unprecedented generosity of Apple, as well as what to do for those who have not “downloaded” the latest version of the operating system or can not get this update (iPhone 6 and previous models).

Method 1: Standard (iOS 13 and above only)

So, if you already have the current version of the mobile operating system installed on your iPhone, in order to download without Wi-Fi the game, whose size exceeds the above-mentioned limitations, do the following:

Open the iPhone’s Settings, scroll down a bit and go to the iTunes Store and App Store section.
Go to iTunes Store and App Store settings on your iPhone
Next, tap on “Apps” located in the “Cellular Data” block.

Choose your preferred option for downloading games and apps when connected to a mobile network:
Allow always;
Ask if more than 200 MB;
Always Ask.
Choose to install apps and games over the cellular network on your iPhone

If your data plan provides enough Internet traffic, you can safely check the first option. But if you want to know how much a game “weighs” and to control the megabytes spent, it is better to choose the second option. The third option is worth choosing only if you are willing to confirm your consent to the installation of “heavy” software, or to refuse to do so every time.

Having decided on the option of downloading content via cellular data, run the App Store and try to install the game, which previously required a Wi-Fi connection. Now it will happen automatically or with a request for your permission, depending on which option you checked in the settings.
Installing a game without cellular network restrictions on the iPhone

Method 2: Bypassing the restriction

If you own an iPhone that is not destined to get an update to iOS 13 or you simply are in no hurry to do it, but you still want to be able to download games and apps without connecting to a wireless network, you will need to resort to some tricks. The first involves trying to install software when connected to the mobile network, closing the notification that it cannot be done and then rebooting, after which the long-awaited download procedure will begin, even if you will be disconnected from Wi-Fi. The second takes advantage of a flaw in Apple’s mobile OS – if you change the date in the settings for the future (at least a day ahead), the “big” game or app can be installed without any problems. Learn more about each of the ways to solve the problem of bypassing restrictions in the following article on our site.

Method 3: Alternative

Last we will consider the most obvious, but not always feasible way to install games and applications that exceed the default limits. It consists in using another mobile device (iPhone or iPad with a cellular module, or Android), which has enough mobile data or unlimited traffic – you just need to switch it on the modem mode and create an access point. If you have such a possibility, and at all costs you need to solve the problem without connecting to the real, organized by means of a router Wi-Fi network, read the article presented in the link below and follow the recommendations suggested in it. Having done that just find the created wireless network on your iPhone and connect to it the usual way (the password can be found out on the smartphone-modem).


To summarize, we note that on the iPhone with the current version of iOS the problem of downloading games of any size without a connection to Wi-Fi is simply not worth it, the main thing is to remove the basic restrictions in the settings. But even on devices with a previous version of the operating system the problem we discussed today is solved quite easily.