Top 5 Best Android Spyware Apps

Top 5 Best Android Spyware Apps

If you’re picking up a spyware program, there are solutions on the market right now that differ in terms of options, price and level of performance. There are paid, free, functional and applications with basic features. There are solutions that allow you to use only one of the spy programs features (highly specialized) and there are applications with such a set of features that any spy would envy. We will not review and rate all of them. Nor will we consider spyware solutions. We will introduce you a few proven solutions which are worth paying attention to.

MSpy mobile spy


The Best Phone Tracker for Parental Control

Know more. Worry less. That’s the power of mSpy, the app that lets you find out what they’re up to on their phone and online. And they won’t even know you’re using it.

It allows you to spy on cell phones and tablets.

MSpy for Android and iPhone

Offers about 130 features, including those that MSpy is equipped with. Of the unique features: video camera access, wallpaper viewer.

You won’t find another monitoring app that can boast such an arsenal of features. See for yourself how our software compares to other apps on the market.

It uses a secure internet account to collect and share information – using a client-server architecture, with a web interface.

MSpy application site. After you go to the site, in the upper right corner, select the appropriate language (there is English).


Below are the most reliable and time-tested programs for Android phone tracking in 2020. Installation, operation, functionality – the main criteria for selection.

We want to warn you right away that covert surveillance of a person, wiretapping other people’s conversations, remotely turning on the microphone for covert surroundings recording and reading other people’s correspondence – it is against the law in many countries of the world. But… You are an adult and you are responsible for your own actions. So, omitting the moral and legal side of this issue, let’s proceed to the study of spyware, which in all its indicators ranked among the top five Android spyware in 2021.

Spyware for Phone Surveillance 2021

We want to draw your attention to the fact that here is a review of the top 5 programs out of more than 30 existing and really working at the moment. I.e. these are really the best of all Russian-language software available to Runet users.

Spyware for Android cell phone tracking have quite different capabilities, which directly depend on their purpose. Let’s sort it out together. Let’s start with what Android phone spyware has in common.

Common qualities and functions:

  • work in the background (hidden) mode, without showing themselves to the user in any way;
  • All the best Android phone spyware is free to download – installation files can be downloaded an infinite number of times;
  • All of the best Android phone tracking programs give free test days – pay for something that actually works;
  • do not affect the work of the device itself;
  • battery power, RAM memory and Internet traffic are consumed inconspicuously for the user;
  • Access to data from anywhere in the world – no geolocation of either the device or your office;
  • Various Internet networks are supported: Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.

If any of these points are not met, then you should seriously think about whether you need to install the program, which will either eat up the traffic or frantically discharge the phone or overflow the phone memory.

In addition, before installing software you should be alerted and the following: why is the installation file is initially paid? Why is there no test period during which you can get acquainted with the program and check its workability on your phone? Why the money first and then the service? There should be specific answers to these far from idle questions, which you have already found in the questions themselves.

Paid or free phone spyware

In addition to functionality, spyware is divided into paid and free. About paid we will talk a little later and it is from them that our rating of the best phone tracking programs is made. Let’s dwell on the free ones.

Free Android tracking programs are programs that will work for you without paying for their “work”. As you understand, such programs will either read text messages, or record calls, or determine the location, or take screenshots. In other words, they are software with one or two similar functions.

To conduct full-fledged surveillance you will need to install a large number of tracking programs on your Android phone for free. But about the covert surveillance in this case we do not have to talk about. Such programs are inconvenient for covert surveillance – it’s more like additional functions for your phone. But… there is a choice and you have to make it!

So, we present you the top 5 best Android spyware in 2020.

Place 5. TrackView Android tracking software

TrackView program is really not in the 5th place in the ranking of the best phone tracking programs for a reason. It has a unique feature – video and audio monitoring – allowing you to watch what’s going on around your phone through the camera turned on at your command. In addition, this cell phone tracking software determines the location and shows it on the map. It also has the ability to record phone conversations.

Unfortunately, this is where the functionality of the program ends. But video surveillance is a really “tasty” function, which makes this tracking program one of the best. After all, with this feature, a simple smartphone turns into an expensive to buy and maintain surveillance camera.

Place 4. Android Monitor tracking program

Without Android Monitor tracking software, the top five programs just wouldn’t exist. It’s a great service with a feature-rich app that allows you to keep full control of your devices. Like the rest of the spyware for cell phone tracking, Android Monitor has a 3 day test period and a free download of the installation file. So why is it only in 4th place then?

There is no technical support on the service, which would tell all the nuances of installation and configuration, also there is no manual. And on the forum they often complain about the unstable operation of the program. And a year ago the Android Monitor tracking software had an important incident that affected the leakage of customers – they stopped supporting free basic user accounts.

Place 3. Mobile Spy phone tracking software

Mobile Spy phone tracking software has excellent value for money. For this Android spy tracking program, the price is minimal (compared to others, which covers this 2020 Android cell phone tracking software review).

For a small subscription fee you will get a reliable spy. The functionality of the program includes: intercepting calls and texts, recording your surroundings through the microphone and locating your location. Since this program does not work with Root permissions, it cannot intercept correspondence from social networks or affect the phone’s internal folders in any way. Because of its easy installation, stealth and reliability, Mobile Spy phone spy software takes the honorable 3rd place in the ranking of the best spy programs.

Place 2. Talklog and Talklog tools spyware

These Talklog and Talklog tools phone spy programs are overwhelmingly ranked in the 2nd place in the reviews. They are great programs that have a huge amount of features. What prevents these programs from taking the first place? Looking at user reviews, performance, price and features, it’s easy to understand why.

There is no interception of correspondence from social networks and messengers, no Administrator mode and the program is easy to delete if the user finds it in the phone. There is no technical support, which would help to correct installation errors or explain the application itself. But free Talklog and Talklog tools free tracking software will locate, show web browser history, and installed, updated, and deleted apps on that phone.

Location 1. Best Reptilicus tracking app (price-quality)

The Reptilicus logger app is the best Android cell phone spyware 2020 in terms of price, quality of performance, functionality, and tech support.

The program works with or without root rights. With root access it opens up endless possibilities of the program. But even without root rights the Android Reptilicus Tracker has a solid enough functionality:

  • recording phone conversations on Android up to version 9;
  • recording of ambient sound through a microphone;
  • screenshots (screenshots) at least every 2 seconds;
  • you can set screenshots only for certain applications;
  • taking pictures remotely via webcam using a command;
  • getting all the notifications that come to the curtain of the controlled phone;
  • keyboard keystrokes interception;
  • determining the location of the phone on the map;
  • text message interception;
  • see contact list;
  • see the phone’s internal folders;
  • view photos saved on your phone;
  • and much more.

Also Android Reptilicus phone tracking software has the ability to pay for a month, six months and a year – the longer the period, the lower the payment.

If you have any questions, you can contact online consultants, write to 24-hour support or order a call back to which an expert will call you back.

You’ve met the top 5 “Best Android Surveillance Software in 2021” – now the choice is yours!

Mobile Spy Mspy.

Mspy. Works on smartphones and tablets. Allows you to monitor calls, SMS, emails, GPS location, browsing history, calendar, address books, IM messages; allows you to manage installed applications, view multimedia files.

Spy for android and iPhone mSpy

Mspy also has remote monitoring features, such as complete device wipe and detailed reporting collection.

It uses a secure internet account to collect and report information – using a client-server architecture, with a web interface.

Background Video Recorder

Download Background Video Recorder to your device by following this link .

Quite an interesting and specific program designed to record video in a hidden format.

In fact, it makes a full video recording with sound, but with the screen turned off or with any other actions performed on the phone, although it is accompanied by a significant load on the processor.

So you can, in fact, record video in secret from others, while using the device for other purposes as well.

The recording process is completely invisible, but you get standard high-quality video with good sound.

But the quality of the final file, of course, depends a lot on the original technical characteristics of the smartphone.

– It records both video and audio;
– Possibility to use the device for other purposes at the same time;
– Complete invisibility of the recording process.

– Rather high load on the processor;
– Impossibility to track what objects the lens hits;
– Lack of ability to automatically start recording or remotely activate it.

Mobile Spy spyware

Mobile Spy. Offers most of the FlexiSpy features; in addition, it can block apps, install new apps, and interact in real time with the control panel of your mobile’s user interface.

How to detect spyware on Android

Most Android spyware programs have features to mask their location on your smartphone. They can exclude themselves from the list of applications, do not show their activity during the periods of using the phone. Many antivirus programs can detect such software. To protect against spyware and malware, you should get in the habit of running a full phone scan once a week or set it to run automatically on a schedule. The main signs of such software running on the phone may include:

  • Slowing down of the cell phone;
  • Rapid battery drain;
  • Unjustified consumption of internet traffic.

Highster Mobile Spy

The Highster Mobile app is an easy-to-use monitoring program: text messages, phone records, call logs… everything is sent from the victim’s phone to either an email, cell phone or a secure Internet account.


For the quickest and easiest selection of the right program, their main technical specifications are listed in the table below.

Spyera mobile spyware

A program that is installed on your smartphone to monitor everything that happens on your cell phone. Spyera secretly records all the events (SMS, call history, phone book, location, emails, app messages, IM, Facebook chat, Skype and more) that happen on the phone and delivers that information to a secure web account.

Varieties of Phone Surveillance

There are two ways to track a person: legally and illegally. Keep in mind that any collection of information about a person without their consent is an illegal act. Illegal invasion of privacy threatens punishment of varying severity in accordance with the laws of the country.

It is possible to officially monitor a person in case you have obtained his consent or he himself provides personal data, for example – the location. Such surveillance is not against the law.

Surveillance provides information about a person, which is contained in his smartphone. The following data can be seized:

  • Photographs from the camera
  • Dictaphone recordings
  • List of incoming/outgoing calls
  • SMS messages
  • Location
  • E-mails

Neo-Call Spy mobile spy

Neo-Call Spy. Originally created for Symbian, now also works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phones. Sends information directly to another cell phone. This program is based on the IMEI number, meaning that the attacker must know his target.

The program monitors SMS, call lists, location; listens remotely, logs keystrokes. It receives commands from a controlling cell phone in hidden SMS messages.

Secret Voice Recorder

Download this spy app from the link .

The program resembles the previous described variant in many ways, as it is similar to it with the features of work and even the principle of the interface design.

But it differs in the most important parameter – if the previous application recorded video, this one records sound.

In this case, the principle of operation is the same – you just need to leave your smartphone with the activated application in the room.

You can activate the recording yourself forcibly, or set a timer, it is also possible to start recording when there is a louder sound than the background.

The program activates your device’s microphone, boosting its power many times for better recording, and it works covertly, that is, even if the device is in a person’s hands, he still will not realize that the recording has started.

Although the program interacts with both software and hardware components of the smartphone, it does not seriously load the processor.

– Extensive features to customize the recording activation conditions;
– High quality of the resulting sound (although this depends on the initial parameters of the device);
– Not too high load on the hardware resources of the device.

– Rather narrow functionality;
– Lack of additional features and settings;
– The resulting file weighs quite a lot, so it requires a lot of free space on the device.

From what I have written above, it follows that the main positive features of this application are:

Kindrat: “Quite a high-quality program. It’s convenient to use it to record lectures and the like without having to worry about constantly turning on/off on your own.”