When iPhone 7 Says “No Network”
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When iPhone 7 Says “No Network”

If one day your iPhone suddenly stops seeing the cellular network, it is an incredibly sad event.

After all, the most important function of a cell phone is to ensure communication. The problem is serious enough, and as practice shows, it is not so rare. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is usually a hardware malfunction, requiring an engineer with special knowledge and skills in its solution. And we have such capabilities.

Why does this happen with Apple iPhone 7?

Why does it suddenly stops “seeing” the network?
A small digression to the theory in simple words.

To the cellular network the phone is connected using a GSM modem, this is a special chip that can “talk” wirelessly (radio frequency) with the cell towers of the operator. Its task is to convert the digital signals from the processor into the required form for transmission and reception over the air. The cell tower, in conjunction with the cellular operator’s routers, exchanges these signals with another cell phone or the Internet.

So, your iPhone says “no network” or “network search,” and that means the processor can’t connect to the modem, or the modem can’t connect to the carrier. So what’s wrong? The cell phone is made according to the latest technology, the layout inside is so dense that the parts have already reached a size where you can’t even see them without a microscope.

The motherboard is full of them. All chips are made in BGA technology which means that they are attached to the board only in the form of solder balls without metal leads like in the good old days. With the apparent reliability of this connection it has a number of significant shortcomings: any minor deformation of the board can lead to failure of the chip, because it trivial tears balls of solder, and strong mechanical effects on the device (frequent falls from a height) and moisture on the board aggravate this process.

Also a dense layout reduces the heat dissipation properties of the board itself, well firstly because it is small, and secondly because too many heat-emitting chips are in close proximity to each other. In other words, overheating also adds problems. And when you are actively surfing the Internet, for example, downloading and watching videos, the modem heats up very significantly. All these factors may eventually lead to the failure of the modem.

We repair modem failure quite successfully. Only rare instances have failed to be repaired. We perform repair estimation and preliminary diagnostics free of charge. The device will be inspected within a day or two. Then our engineer will contact you and voice the verdict.

Is it possible to save iPhone 7 from network problems?

It is impossible to answer unequivocally. But in any case, the recommendation that you use the phone as carefully as possible and gently will not hurt. Try not to drop your phone, do not allow liquids to get inside, timely place it on the charge, do not overload it with frequent and continuous work on the Internet, and iPhone will serve long and safely.
It is also necessary to know that Apple has launched a program for free repair of the network problems of some models ayfon 7. This applies to models A1660, A1780 and A779 (you can look at the back of your phone!). Those affected receive free repairs from Apple. The program covers iPhone 7s that were manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 and then sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and the US. Worth checking out.

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